Stop Any Dog From Barking By Giving Them This Treat

 I Finally Figured Out How To Get My Dogs To Stop Barking After Watching How A Woman On My Flight Kept Her Dogs Quiet The Whole Flight


I knew it was going to be a long flight as soon as she walked on with her two Chihuahuas…

“Great,” I thought… “It was already a 4 ½ hour flight…. Now I have to listen to barking dogs the whole way.”

Or so I thought… this is typically the case when people get on to flights with dogs, let alone Chihuahuas!

But I noticed she was carrying something interesting. It looked like a little jar of treats. I wasn’t sure, until a few minutes later when she reached in and gave her dog one.

One of her dogs started yapping. “Here we go,” I thought. But as soon as it started yapping, she opened the little jar and gave her excited dog one of these treats. The dog let out a few more yaps but a few minutes later the dog was completely quiet.


I was amazed. What just happened?! Both of her dogs ended up being quiet the rest of the flight!

So at the end of the flight - with NO barking - I walked up to her and asked her what she gave her dog. She told me those little treats are called Medipup Calming Chews, a natural dog calming treat that works by stabilizing your dog’s emotional balance.

Dogs who excessively bark, chew on furniture or seem aggressive are often just really stressed out. “My dogs used to misbehave all the time but ever since I started giving them these treats, they are so well behaved and seem much calmer, I love them!”.

Because I have 2 loud dogs myself, when I got home I immediately hopped online to do my research. It turns out these calming chews are used by celebrities who travel with their dogs as well. Here’s what I found out during my research:

How Medipups Calming Chews Work


Medipups Calming Chews work by supporting your dog’s natural response to stress and anxiety. They help balance the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and serotonin, the happiness hormone, in your dog’s brain. This way, your dog can cope with environmental changes and external stressors with ease.

Medipups has uniquely formulated this made in the USA organic chew and added 3 billion units of good bacteria, that directly go into your dog's gut. It is designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for your dog, by re-balancing your dog's gut. Your dog's gut is the control center of your dog's wellbeing, and with an uneasy gut your pup is susceptible to stressful situations.

I decided to place an order for the calming chews to test them out for myself on my two golden doodles.

Within 3 days of ordering, the Medipup chews showed up in the mail. The jar looked exactly like the one the woman on the plane was carrying. As soon as I opened the jar, my dogs came bolting to me for treats. My dogs are notoriously picky eaters so I didn’t expect them to come running like they did...But they loved the beef and sweet potato flavor, and gobbled them up in seconds. I gave them each one chew, and waited to see the results.

To my surprise, they became more calm and relaxed, without losing their playful spirit. When the mailman showed up they didn’t even bark! Usually they always bark at the mailman… Okay this is weird I thought, these might actually be working.

I decided to setup my Furbo camera to record them and left the house for a few hours. I looked at the recording while I was doing some grocery shopping and saw that they weren’t freaking out waiting for me like they usually do!

They even slept better at night, and woke up refreshed and happy. I was amazed by how much Medipup chews improved their mood and behavior, and I feel so much more confident and relaxed as a dog owner. I even went back and signed up for the autoship program of these calming chews to make sure I wouldn’t run low. Now I recommend them to anyone who wants to help their dog cope with stress and anxiety naturally.

How Much Do Medipup Calming Chews Cost?

I'm a bit embarrassed to say, I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on dog trainers and vet visits over the years, trying to figure out how to get my doodles to calm down. What’s amazing is that these calming chews worked pretty much immediately and only cost me $39.99. That’s such a small price to pay to finally get my dogs to calm down and be less stressed out. They don’t excessively bark, chew on furniture or jump on guests anymore!

I highly recommend that everyone with a dog that has some bad behaviors to get the Medipup Calming Chews.

Right now, Medipup is offering a 25% discount for readers of our site when they sign up for the monthly autoship program, but we’re not sure how long this discount is going to last. So if you’re interested in getting Medipup Calming Chews, we recommend checking out their website HERE or clicking the button below before it’s too late.