“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt?


“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt?

We hear more and more about the new "designer" or "hybrid" dogs every day. Along with each feature are cute pictures of puppies that belong to this new "breed."

They're cute, of course! Every puppy is! Should you pay a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars for one? No way! A mongrel, also called a mutt, is the child of two purebred dogs of different kinds. Additionally, you should love, train, and care for your dog as if it were the bluest dog in the world if you happen to own one.

People "created" all of the dog breeds in the world. There are hundreds of them. There is a breed of dog that was created to do a certain job, like protecting the group or being the perfect lap dog. There is no reason why progress shouldn't be made. People who are willing to take the initiative will step up to meet the need for a dog with certain traits.

But it takes a lot of generations to "breed true." See how you stack up against your family. Do you all look, act, like, and have the same skills and interests? Most likely, you don't. You all have some of your parents' "best" traits. Those traits might not be the same, though. And you all have some of the worst.

What are some of the most well-known mixed-breed dogs? The "Golden Doodle" and the "Puggle." The idea behind these mixes is pretty clear: wouldn't it be great to have the personality and desire to please of a Golden Retriever and the brains and non-shedding hair of a Poodle? Wouldn't it be great to have a small dog that is quieter than a beagle but doesn't have breathing problems like a pug?

You can't be sure that you won't get a spoiled, noisy, stubborn, slobbering shedder of a dog, though.

You should learn about all the traits of each breed that went into making these "hybrids" before you decide to spend that much money on one. There will be a mix of the two. You might also find a mix of dogs that are just as cute at your local rescue. They might be the right size, have the right coat, and have the cutest face.

If you need certain traits in your puppy, like one member of your family having allergies, you having a very small or no yard, or your family needs a quiet, "easy keeper," or you want to compete with your dog in dog shows, you might want to look into getting a pure-bred animal. This group recognizes more than 150 different dog breeds. Find out more about them at akc.org. One of them must be right for you.