5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

 It's time to start thinking about what to give your friends and family for the holidays. It can be hard to find unique gifts, and most people never think to give things linked to pets. It's likely that more than one person on your holiday gift list loves pets. Instead of buying them another pet, why not give them something unique that they will truly appreciate? To help you start, here are five great gift ideas:

1. Fine art prints of animals

Every dog is different, even though they are all different sizes and types. If someone loves pets, a fine-art picture of their breed is one of the best gifts you can give them. Lorena Pugh is one of the most well-known artists who sells fine art animal pictures. While "Princess," one of her prints, shows a white toy poodle lying on top of a group of twelve bright pillows, "Angel Face" shows a beautiful pug that just grabbed a bunch of grapes from a dining room table. At the beginning of "Chocolate Craving," she paints a realistic picture of a chocolate lab wishing for a tennis ball against a blue sky. People will love these limited edition animal pictures because they come with a dog tag that is numbered to match the tag in the print.

2. Animal statues made of crystal

Regardless of whether they have a dog, cat, horse, or rabbit, anyone who receives a beautiful crystal animal figure will adore it. Hand-finished animal figures are usually made of 24 percent lead crystal and are both beautiful and fun. A cat sitting, a dog with a bone, a turtle, a frog, a horse, a mouse, a duck, and a dove are just a few of the pets that can be carved out of crystal.

3. Animal statues made of stone

A figure made of stone that looks like a pet is sure to please anyone. You can give animal garden figures as gifts, or you can put stone animal statues in your home or office. Some statues, like a spaniel puppy sleeping or an excited dachshund, make you feel warm, while others, like a cat with glasses to his eyes, always on the lookout for a bird, make you laugh. You can find stone figures of almost any kind of animal, and they will be loved for a long time.

4. Posters of animals

You know how funny pets can be if you've ever had one. Animal signs are very cheap and show pets in all sorts of crazy settings (remember the cat in "Hang in There"?). If you want to make someone smile, give them an animal picture.

5. Fun and games

Nothing is more special than entertainment that has to do with pets as a gift for pet fans. There is a business that makes music for animals, so you could give them music that is about or for cats, dogs, or birds. You could also buy a DVD or video that is meant to entertain the person you're giving the gift to. Your friend or family member can watch the DVD or video without feeling bad about it while they're at work or running chores.

Giving a gift that recognizes the pet as an important part of the recipient's life is both unique and caring. Pet lovers will love and remember your gift, whether it's a beautiful print of an animal or a fun DVD.